(TN) What Is Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is a sudden, severe facial pain, described as sharp, shooting or like an electric shock. – NHS Website 

Last year i got very ill with shingles, during the winter months. I was under a lot of stress from a toxic friendship, which made me sustepible to the virus. I work with children, and it’s guessed that one of them, may have had chicken pox and not known about it at the time.

At the time i just thought i had really bad flu. I was so tired and achy all over, with sharp pain in some of my mucsles. And running a very high fever.

This seemed to die down, but then the TN came and it grew worse and worse. TN normally attacks just one side of the face, part of your forehead, cheek, jaw (upper and lower and it feels like you’ve got an tooth infection in our your teeth), your sinuses on one side, and sometimes it can also affect your throat and neck.

TN is also dubbed the ‘suicide disease’ as many people cannot handle to pain 24/7 with no respite, no end to it in sight at all – end up commiting suicide.

I actually experienced this first hand, but due to the person i am, deep down, i managed to hold on. And fortuently for me, it did stop.

But it did take months for it to end. I struggled to eat and sleep, and lost weight due to it. I also distanced myself away from the toxic friend, which helped. I was also on very strong painkillers, which had some funky side effects. One being euphoria. Another being stomach problems… and developing tics in some of my limbs and muscles. I was completely drugged up and out of it. I have very limited memory of that time, which has been filled in with what i wrote at the time, and things people have told me.

In short, trigeminal neuralgia happens when something irritates the central nerve of one of side your face. And then any tiny sensation can trigger waves of intense pain.

Such as a light tickle of a feather, lying down – even if you’re not lying on your side, a breeze, hair resting on your face, eating, talking, smiling, etc.

It’s a horrible and horrific thing, and it took all that i am, to refuse to let it beat me. I smiled and laughed even though it felt like my face was being burned away by acid. I went out and went to work, even though i had to use every bit of will-power not to scream the place down. Fortuently, i was working in a job that only required me to come in one day a week for 2 a bit hours.

Most of my time i spent alone. I couldn’t watch tv as i became light sensitive. Couldn’t listen to music for long – though binaural beats did help me sleep. I just spent most of my time sitting, alone, in a dark room, doing nothing. Because that’s all i could do. 24 hours a day, i slept only out of exhaustion.

There are people out there who have lived like this for years. And there’s no end. This disease isn’t designed to end your life, but instead it forces you to take it. This isn’t cancer where there’s eventual release – either life of death. This eats away at you, in an invisible way – because there’s no marks, till the very end. Year and years.


So the next time you try to say to someone with TN, you know how they feel because you get bad migraines, had severe tooth or sinus infections. Think again. Next time you say to someone with TN, that things could be worse, they could have cancer… think again.