(N24) Melatonin

In 2005 i was put on Melatonin 3mg, to help regulate the body clock disoder. At first it wasn’t really helpful at all, and i had to twiddle with the timing of it.

In 2006, it managed to ‘root’ my sleep pattern, where i could get up consistently at one part of the day, every day.

It took till about 2010 for me to get it to the point where i could get up between 12noon and 3pm. Then another year or two to get it to just 12noon – no later.

I’m still aiming to get up earlier and earlier, but it’s a process.

Sometimes the Melatonin works, and i’m able to get to sleep earlier than i would’ve. But sometimes it doesn’t work.

It has meant that i’ve had to make a few changes in my life, that took many years to accept. For example, i can no longer drink alcohol in the evening (except on special occasions), and i can’t have caffeine of any quality after 3pm. The caffeine part, has been the hardest part.

Melatonin itself, is actual a chemical that your brain naturally produces, to help you to sleep. People with body clock disorder, the release of this chemical can go wrong. Either it releases are inconsistent times, or there isn’t enough of it. Which is where the synthetic version of this in tablet form comes in, as it helps to correct it.

Little is still none about circadian disorders, and what causes them or even how to treat them.