(N24) Nighttime Communication

When i was younger, i was awake mainly during the night. Consequently i made a lot of friends who were also awake at night, and even those who weren’t normally, still knew i’d most likely still be awake.

This is something that a lot of people have gotten used to. I frequently get texts or calls late at night.

This didn’t used to be a problem until recent years when my body clock disorder has improved. As i said in my previous post, i try to go to bed at 9pm, but 12am is lights off.

I don’t mind people texting or calling me for a quick chat between 9 and 12, that’s fine. Depending on what it’s about. Light and fluffy = good. Deep and Heavy = bad!

But after 12am, i’m still finding that people are trying to text or call me. These people know about my disorder and they i have told them to refrain from contacting me after midnight. Yet they still try to contact me.

Yes, i know i don’t need to reply. But the flashing notification light and/or the notification sound, can wake me up or distract me from falling asleep.

It’s been put to me that i could download an app that shuts off some of my phone functions until a set time, but i shouldn’t have to do that.

Instead i expect people to respect my request to be left alone after midnight. It’s a simple, common courtesy! Why people feel it acceptable to go against that, i have no idea!

I know some people have said to me, ‘well, sometimes you’re still awake at this time’. Yes, but don’t take that as a green light for the rest of the time. I get insomnia. If it says i’m online, and i’ve messaged you, then fine. But for the majority of the time, i won’t be awake at that time. Which is why i ask not to be contacted after midnight.

I know i’m repeating myself at this point, but that’s only because it doesn’t seem to be sinking in with some people!