(N24) Sleep/Wake Times

My sleep pattern isn’t all over the place like it was when i was younger. I have a routine when it comes to bedtime and waking up. These are pretty strict, because my body would love nothing more than to revert back to doing what the hell it likes. Which would mean i suffer in my life’s quality of living.



I resign myself to my bedroom at about 9pm. I can be listening to music, reading, watching stuff on my phone or tablet, anything, aslong as it’s confined to the bedroom. I take my sleep medication at 9pm too. At about 12am, the lights go off and i must try to get some sleep. No checking the phone, no looking at stuff on my tablet pc, no reading, etc. I can have music on low, for a little while if i find its helping. The only time i’m allowed to use my phone is if i’m experiencing a bit of anxiety and need to make a note of something.


If i can’t sleep before 3am, i get up a little. Have something to eat, and potter around the bedroom again till i feel ready to try to sleep again.

Wakey Wakey!!

My first alarm goes off at about 8am. This will be turned off 9/10! Very rarely will i feel ready to get up at that time. The next alarm is at 9am, and then consequetive alarms at 10am, 11am and a last one at 12pm. At 12pm, i have to get up, no matter what (unless i’m ill) and try to get on with the day. 12pm is my cut off point for sleep! On average i will wake up about 10 or 11ish.




I’m not quite up and raring to go when i wake up. It takes me a little while to come to. Basically, i can’t see. Everything is blurry, it’s like trying to see through clingfilm.


And i feel like i’m experiencing intense G force on my body. So i will feel like my head is in a vice and my stomach will be whirling around before plummeting.


It’s not a nice experience basically, but aslong as i’ve had a good number of hours sleep, it does wear off.

During this time, the allure to fall back asleep is strong in its game! So this is the time where i start looking at stuff on my phone. I will look at buzzfeed, facebook, livejournal and lastly my emails. I might even engage in messaging people on whatsapp (for the record, theres nothing i love more than waking up to morning texts from someone, wishing me good morning and to have a good day!).

Once this is complete, then i am ready to get up, get washed and dressed, something to eat and to get on with the day at hand!