(N24) What is N24?

Next disorder up, is the elusive and incredible rare

Non-24 Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder!! 



What Is It? 

That is the big billion dollar on so many peoples lips, when they ask me. I will answer this in two ways. I will give you the in-depth answer, and then the lamen answer which i fall back on, just to answer the question quickly when it’s asked.

The In-depth answer is: We all have a circadian rhythm which regulates not just our sleep/wake pattern, but also regulates out appetites, hormones, body temperature, etc, when they’re supposed to be released. Which is why you get start to get hungry around certain times of the day, and why women and even men, can get grumpy at certain times of the month.

My circadian rhythm is off. It works on a 27 – 33 hour day, naturally. Which means that when i don’t force myself to wake up at a specific time – using an alarm clock for example – i will sleep for about 12 – 15 hours, and be awake for 15 – 18 hours.

Here’s what it looks like:

Monday – Wake at 9am, Sleep at 12am Tuesday

Tuesday – Wake at 12pm, Sleep at 3am Wednesday

Wednesday – Wake at 3pm, Sleep at 6am Thursday

And so on, advancing by about 3 hours (based on the 27 hour day)

This is why the disorder is called Non-24, because it exceeds the 24 hour day. Most people, on average do have days that are slightly longer than 24 hours – but it’s still within the normal ranges that it won’t really have much of an effect on your day to day life. Mine does.

The lamen explanation?

I have a wonky body clock, which means i can’t get up in the morning.


This explanation works because it’s simple. We know what a body clock is, because so many women are battered by the phrase at some part in their life, when it comes to baby making. So we have some kinda of understanding of what it is, although very basic. Also, ‘can’t get up in morning’, very self explanatory.

And to answer the common questions. No it is not sleep apnea. No i do not have narcolepsy. No it isn’t insomnia. No i am not a night owl.

Thank you.